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DCT Burning Program

Auto Burning (Stake for Burning)

Auto Burning obtained from each individual or group who use DCT Staking Platform.

Every DCT Staking Platform user lock 0.1 DCT – 4 DCT for single use Miner Software

(DCT Staking Platform).

Fee for Burning

Every new DCT Token that is printed will be issued a fee mining by 11.1% to all Miners with details:

a. 4% is allocated for the DCT Burning Program which is taken from the total mining

results of the Miners.

b. 4% is given to the organizer of Staking Program and the provider of the Technology Developer

Platform, PT Konakami Digital Indonesia Company as a Service Manager

c. 1% is allocated for the development of Literacy and Education (Digital Education Program)

d. 1% allocated for Degree Crypto Token Philanthropy

e. 1,1% allocated for Indonesian Crypto Tax and or Burn

SELF Burning for More BENEFITS

Self Burning is an algorithm that provides space and opportunity for DCT holders to participate

independently or directly in the DCT Burning Program, showcasing care and solidarity among all DCT

stakeholders. Holders engaging in Self Burning will receive appreciation as well as additional benefits

from various Digital Platforms (VIP Member), particularly those in collaboration with PT Konakami

Digital Indonesia.

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